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Ars Poetica

A series of reactions to poetic manifestos from the comic to the outrageously pretentious! Have a wee explore, and let me know what you think of these famous ars poetica, and my own reactions to them.

  1. Frank O’Hara’s Personism: an invented manifesto lampooning the pretension involved with writing a manifesto in the first place. However, O’Hara was so talented that even when taking the piss there are some gems of good advice.
  2. Eavan Boland’s Object Lessons: Specifically a reaction to Boland’s ‘The Woman Poet and Her Dilemma’ and whether the dilemma remains in 2010.
  3. Andre Breton’s The Automatic Message: the surrealist poet’s appraisal of automatic writing, and how wider meaning may be extracted for poetry today.
  4. Federico Garcia Lorca’s Duende: the Spanish dramatist, poet and composer on inspiration, angels, muses and death.
  5. Bernard O’Donoghue’s Communal Writing: great Irish poet and current Oxford fellow’s idealistic view of the poet and his relationship, and responsibilities, to the community.
  6. Stevie Smith’s Colourful Eye: Stevie Smith on the function of colour in her writing process.
  7. Charles Olson’s PROJECTIVE VERSE: The poet affectionately known as ‘Big O’ when he taught at Black Mountain College, sets out the basic manifesto of the Black Mountain School: loose the form, rescue the breath– and leave the ego out of it.
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  1. JforJames permalink
    August 17, 2011 9:34 pm

    Last two were new to me. I intend to know them.

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