Why you should publish your book on Amazon.com

Today I’m going to give advice for non US residents who want to publish on Amazon.com, rather than on their local Amazon site, such as Amazon.uk for example. But, before I address this issue, before we even begin the post. When my book is written, edited, fully designed and truly ready to go, I publish my books through the amazon.com site–not the Amazon.uk site.

I go into KDP and it’s not like you have a separate KDP but Amazon has separate websites, for those that don’t know. You have amazon.co.uk which is the UK site it’s effectively a separate website from amazon.com. Same for Germany, same for France, same for Italy and so on same for India.

When you actually come to KDP and put one of your books out, you manage it all through one central account through your KDP account. All of your books will always be in that account and KDP is where you’ll do things like change the book cover or make edits to the book when necessary. What you do once you set it up there, you can change the prices depending on for different locations. It will give you price options for every different Amazon site. I’m a non US publisher, I publish all my books effectively through amazon.com. That is where I get majority of my book sales from. Don’t worry about that we are all in the same boat whether we are US based or whether we are anywhere else in the world, we all follow the same procedure, cool.

Negative Reviews

I have a question here about negative reviews. I’ve been hit by trolls in the past who give the book a one start rating. I know they’re trolls because they are not Amazon verified purchased books. I think anybody that publishes their own books has that same problem. At some point, we need talk a little bit about review management.

There are a couple of things you can do, one is to you can even have some of your fans some of your friends come in and put in constructive comments as to why maybe the negative reviewer missed the point a little bit. Because you will get people who will give you a one star ranking just because they misunderstood what the book was about. You can make it crystal clear in the description but they don’t want to read it. They think the book is about something else and then they give you a one star review. Not because you’ve written a bad book because they bought the wrong book. The upside of a nice book cover is that you’ll sell more books. The downside of that same cover design is that some people will buy it just because of the cover–without reading the description.

Ultimately, they don’t usually end up liking the book and can sometimes leave a negative review because of it. Sometimes that’s the price you have to pay for success. The video below gives a really good explanation for managing book reviews on Amazon.

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