Tricks to Designing Books in a Series

Every now and again a self published book from CreateSpace comes along at the exact moment in my business and changes every single thing I have to do next.

Here’s a question I get often: I’ve written three books but haven’t published yet, how do I choose which one to start with? Well obviously I don’t know which books you’ve written you can maybe tell us a little bit about the books you’ve written. Obviously you need to know how you plan to work out market sizes, book design and the book cover creation as well.

Really, unless that part of a series in which case you obviously want to get in the right sequence, it probably doesn’t matter. Pick one book, get a book cover designed and publish it. Take action because you’ll learn so much by just going through that process of getting onto KDP and publishing it and promoting it. That whichever one you choose first you’ll do a much better job second time around and third time around and so on. Of course once you’ve done one, it’s like the whole process becomes so much easier and so much less daunting. It’s like I remember before I did put my first book on Kindle.

Everything was a big deal. Now it’s like I take it in my stride it’s not as big deal at all because I know exactly what to do. Yes I’m still learning and I’m still always looking out for new information that will help me design my books in a way that streamlines the process and increases book sales. The basic system that CreateSpace or  Amazon gives you on Kindle and the basic system that I’ve created for myself on publishing my books and promoting them works. I know this because I’ve done that multiple times, it’s never going to be easy because the nature of book design and publishing is always changing with new technology and new trends in book marketing. When it comes to self-publishing multiple books through CreateSpace, it doesn’t matter which one you pick, just pick one and run with it. Just learn from that experience and you’ll get better and better and better.

I’d say whichever book design you feel you can get published first and just take that action, the better. The great thing about CreateSpace is that very little risk involved in publishing your book. They make it so easy to upload your book file and your book cover design. It’s all done through the CreateSpace interface.

In a sense I guess you can say the only you might risk is your time and maybe a little bit of money when you’re publishing a book with CreateSpace. That’s not a risk, that’s an investment as long as you keep doing it, everything that you do from your first book, where it works out what maybe doesn’t work out, you learn from that. It just makes it that much better for your next book. The other thing is, the other reason why there is basically no risk is because, you can publish a book. There are stories of people that published their book and it doesn’t sell well for months or years. Then all the sudden it takes off. You start seeing the thumnail image of their book cover everywhere on Amazon.

The point is, don’t give up on your book too soon.

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