The Lost Art of the Book Launch Process

Beside self-publishing a poetry book or other title, there are lots of other cool things you can do through Author Central. It’s a good resource to use and that is a place where you can have photos and other information about you. Like I say it’s like an author bio page so you want to use Author Central for that. For the description itself you want to separate that out and put that on through your books page via Amazon.

Cool Cover Design

The first four weeks of launching your new book are more about getting yourself setup. Then the marketing really is going to be in week five, six and seven. If you are an author and sounds like you are already advanced, my philosophy is that your book has a lot of meaning to you. You love what you wrote. You love the cover that you designed–or paid someone to design. I want to know much as I can about the best parts of my book so my blog for those periods, if I’m already an advanced author, would be the time that I spent listening. If I just pick up one thing that I can apply to all my existing books and any future books, it’s worth doing.

It’s worth doing it for that. Although alternatively if you really don’t want to worry about so much about the initial set up of self-publishing a book, just jump in when we get to the more advanced elements of book cover design and then promotion. Which is really the more marketing focus. I would hope that even if you are an advanced author and have already published many books, that there are going to be some things there that will add value to your process. I would say especially unless you’ve got book design and book promotion really nailed and I know that almost everybody I talk to does not.

Just because you can get so much more done you get so many more books. I think there is a lot to learn and improve upon, even if you are already an established author and  you already have books out there.

I bought another Kindle course probably about a week ago and I spent 250 bucks on it. There is one thing I learn that’s going to help me that will help my students, I’m constantly training. How committed you are to setting up a process for getting your book written,, getting the book cover made and then promoting it will determine your outcome. It depends on how serious you are as an author. Everyone is going to have their different needs and weak spots.

I am always interested in getting that ongoing education because there might just be the extra little tip that you learn that creates a turning point for your book sales. When you are already established at that point, one tip multiplied over multiple books if it gets you 10% increase in sales that could pay for the source itself. In some respect, the more advanced you get, the more powerful even just little bits and pieces become in terms of book promotion

An example of that would be I’ve already give you this one but an example would be the Facebook ad testing. We can go through that if you’ve not done Facebook ads before we can show you how to set that up or I can show you how to set that up. Because I just didn’t think to do it. I wish I had now but here is the beauty. You can always go back and you can change your book cover at any time. I can still go back and do it now it’s just that the book is still selling well and I’ve been focused on other things.

Just that one little piece of information. I give credit for the idea but that is tripled the click through rate on that book. Which is it’s just one tip and again it’s an exponential effect on sales.

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