The Best Way to Deal with Amazon Book Reviews

Exciting events have happened to me.

I’m going to share them with you in the post, but before I do, I want to pick up where we left off last month on the issue of negative Amazon reviews for your book. I have something which you can do to manage those reviews a little bit. Amazon will … if people click in and go to see all the reviews, one of the pages they can select is to see the most helpful reviews. They’ll show you the most helpful positive review and the most helpful negative review of your book. Positive accounts is four or five star, negative is three star or less. What you can do is have people go in and if it’s a really crappy troll like review of your book, vote that review down. Chances are that will happen anyway to some extent, because most people are not like that. There are some people who are like that regardless.

Chances are that review of your book will get voted down, you can always encourage some friends to do that. That means it gives that particular book review less credibility. Secondly it means it’s likely not to show up as one of the more useful reviews of your book. What you can also do is you can vote up, you’ll find that if you get a bunch of book reviews, you’ll get some three star reviews. Which actually are pretty good book reviews on the whole but they’ll just give you three stars. You can pick one of those reviews and vote that review up and get some … encourage some friends to vote that review up. That review will start showing as the most helpful, negative book review.

Then actually, what you’ll is two pretty good reviews showing up for the positive and the negative books. There is a way of managing your reviews but there is nothing you can do about trolls. You can contact Amazon the Kindle team and ask them to take it down but chances are they probably won’t. You can always try I think tend not to interfere too much with the reviews but there is a process for managing and I hope that made sense.

I’ll say besides everything you said about voting up the better book reviews, voting down the bad one. It is unfortunate that it’s part of the game. I’ve had a one star review from someone that literary said they didn’t read my book. That’s how it was and Amazon didn’t take it down but I’ll say this. I actually had a one star review pretty early on I don’t know if it was from a competitor, they just didn’t like the book. I still even though I only had a few book reviews and one of them was a one star, my book still went up to number one. I had the one star before my book was number one and then I hit number one. I don’t want to say that one star reviews won’t affect a book sale.

It’s not as much something to lose sleep over as people might think. The way to counteract is not worrying so much about the bad reviews as much as it is overpowering it with good reviews. Because people are going to expect if you go to any of the bestselling books of all time, there is going to be a good chunk of one star, two star reviews. It’s almost unnatural.

That’s more popular. People do give it the benefit of the doubt when they see that it’s got good book reviews okay there is the occasional person in there that didn’t like the book. That’s not going to make a difference it’s all part of the game. You basically just you in a sense you fight it with positivity. You can get more of the good book reviews and more high quality reviews in there. Even some of those more objective maybe it’s a three star review that says here is the pros, here is the cons. Then people can look at that and go okay that’s probably more of an accurate assessment of the book. This one person that gave it a one star review that says this book is stupid and I hate it.

It’s inevitable you are going to get them but you can manage them it’s not the end of the world even if you do. Most people … well if you get a review from somebody who is like a troll, people will recognize that for what it is most of the time.

I was planning once on creating captivating content. This is about an hour long MP3. Then there is another bonus that I’m giving that’s some tips for optimizing your on Amazon book descriptions and things like that. Things that you can do on Amazon to really increase your sales effectiveness. That will be a video I think it’s video. There might be audio with that too.

I would just stay on for as long as is necessary. If you’ve got questions we can cover those two after we’ve covered the specific ones. Which I think is the fairest way to do it for the people who are not so advanced.

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