Present Publishing Pieces

What are the basic pieces of the publishing pie? Too many to fit into a single blog post, but here’s a start.


ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

The International Standard Book Number, or ISBN, is the identifying number given to every book ever published. Each book has a unique number and is used for tracking by stores and libraries, much like a soc sec number for people.

For those who don’t have their own ISBN numbers, the publisher will assign an ISBN for, sometimes for free, sometimes for as much as $25. Every version of your book (Kindle, hard cover, paperback, etc) and every new edition of your book will require its own ISBN.

Back Bar Code

To sell a book in stores, it has to have a bar code on the back as part of the book cover template. It’s the white box with the black lines and numbers that cashiers use to scan for the book’s price. Most publishers will put this on the book cover as part of the service and publishing costs.

Books in Print

This is the largest independent book database in the world. It’s officially called Bowker’s Books in Print, and though registration with them is not required for book sales, it makes it possible for any store or vendor to find your book so they can order or stock it.

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