Elegant Poetry Books

Changing directions is never easy but is often necessary to grow and expand, to move out of one’s comfort zone. This change in focus involves an interest in designing beautiful poetry books for a potential commercial market. Book publishing is now something a lot of people are doing and is no longer a distant dream or unattainable goal. Before diving in, a lot of ground is to be covered by those exploring this new, wonderful possibility. People need the information for three reasons:

1. Publishing a book is a common goal of writers

2. Poetry writers have different requirements when it comes to publishing their writing.

3. There are a lot of frustrations often met with finding nice layouts and cover designs.

This is why we ultimately want to become a favorite resource for finding graphics, book cover images, interior layouts, and publishing companies that have a high degree of respect and reliability. Additionally, we want poets to be able to sell books where ever they want to. Amazon.com is the biggest bookstore in the world and is also the easiest bookstore to get into. Getting the ins and outs of selling books on Amazon could be an entire blog, not just a post.

See this video for more information on preparing the initial book layout.

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