Why Design is Good for Book Sales

Before you even consider what the book cover design will look like, create a picture in your mind of where to advertize your book on Amazon. What will the book cover thumbnail look like in those areas of the website? Where will you get lots of organic traffic and organic sales from? This is important because even though you can swap out for a different book cover anytime you want to with CreateSpace, chances are, you’ll want to stick it out as long as possible.

Changing the cover can be costly and can remove any branding you’ve spent time and energy creating with the original cover. Spend the time to get the design right, because once you switch your book price from free to paid, your book is showing up all over Amazon on the pages of very similar books with super high targeted advertizing. You want that cover to shine as brightly as all the others it’s standing up next to.

That’s where the benefit of professional cover design comes in. You can do it over if it doesn’t work out, but then it feels like you’re starting from square one with your book promotion. Everything starts to feel tiring and a waste of time. You start to feel like it’s not really worth the effort. You can avoid this hurdle by nailing the cover right when you publish the book.

If your cover isn’t working out, however, I do recommend changing the book cover design and playing around with it. Marketers do this all the time with Google Ads and Facebook ads. They run the same ad with different images and look to see which one performs best. Then they put all the ad money into the top performing image. It’s why my Kindle book sales jumped by 15 times to 1500%. Between a free book giveaway and a post free giveaway. Even though I got no actual boost in terms of Amazon book ranking from the free giveaway.

This is a really important point. Because with the Amazon algorithm update back in 2012 they changed that. Some people say the free giveaway isn’t as effective as book promotion as it used to be. In certain context that’s true I think maybe for like really niche books that don’t have as much potential to get as a lot of downloads. You might have a more challenging time of really leveraging the free promotion. When you do have the ability to leverage the free promotion, like you and I have done going into a popular category. It’s hard to be number one or number two in weight loss.

The way it works is a little different now. What happens is it just shows up all over Amazon and what a lot of people don’t realize is that people finding your book from keyword searches or things like that, that’s actually probably a smaller minority of people. In terms of how they’ll find your book compared to people that find your book from the customers who bought this also bought that. Seeing it as a hot new release, seeing Amazon recommend it to people based on their other purchases. There is all these different ways that Amazon shows books to people. If you have a free promotion that does really well, then you start to tap into those other resources that Amazon provides.

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