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February 11, 2012

In the wake of actual life, I mourn my internet life. And it pains me to type that. This is what number in the slew of ‘terrible-blogger’ apologies. But still as sincere as the rest. I should say ‘authentic,’ not ‘sincere’. I’ve been talking recently about Lionel Trilling’s conception of these terms in Sincerity and Authenticity  and it has made me wary of them.

But I am sorry. Great things have happened: ILK’s second issue came storming into the world and I am so so so in love with it. A massive thanks to everyone who submitted and said nice things and helped.

In a few days it will be NAPentines Day, and the new Greg Sherl edited issue of NAP will be upon the world, and include some collaborative found poems I helped to make. Some poems I wrote are also forthcoming in Salt Hill and H_NGM_N– two places I could not be more stoked to be making a home in.

And yes, I did finish applying for MFA programmes. There has been some news, but April is the largest month for that decision.

Otherwise, what? Well so many places keep stepping up the pace. I really like the new Aesthetix. I want to have time to read the new Sixth Finch. And so many others.

OH! And now sometimes I learn about Demonology. Which is much more fun than my current degree. Apart from all the Black Mountain reading I’ve been doing. And I l learnt this really cool thing about mountains: before the rise of the Sublime ideal, mountains were not thought beautiful but rather as a result of the Fall: when humankind had been in Eden and everything perfect, the Earth had been perfectly round. Mountains demonstrated the rupture and were thus thought ugly/ a bit evil. But Sublimity happened (thanks Kant, thanks Burke) and now mountains generally = awesome.

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