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The initial 2012 edition: poems, animals and the transatlantic thing

January 4, 2012

Because I am just adjusting to this already godforsaken year (although, I suppose I think every year is godforsaken in a way because I don’t have a god but that is a different question), this update is going to be more like a news update than a feature story. Some good things though.

Up first: happy new year guys! 2012 started when well, because on January 1st the new edition of elimae went live and I am so happy to have a poem, ‘Interval,’ included.

Also, the new issue of Specter is also alive and I’m pretty stoked to have some erasure poems I made of Derrida for my wonderful friend Michael in such fine company.

In other news, ILK and Artifice Magazine joined forces last night to provide Camden with some killer lit. There is a promise that if / when I get into an MFA program, a Chicago edition of this alliance will happen. Huge thanks to everyone who came, and to those who read.

Directly related to the above bulletin: I have pretty much finished all my applications now. So if you are the praying kind, please pray. If not, hope, for me– that’d be swell.

Also, yesterday I had an sweet time clearing up Oxfam’s poetry selection. I found a copy of Nick Flynn’s some ether, which is just heart-wrenching. As I was reading on the bus yesterday I noticed that the book is actually signed by the author and dedicated to Mary– there’s quite a cute wee note and now I wonder if she meant to give it away. I also bought an amazing book called ‘Animal Language’ written by a zoologist in the 1930s. It is missing its accompanying record, but it tells you some wonderful things– such as, the rattle of a rattlesnake is caused by it collecting fragments of dead skin at the tip of its tail each time it moults. This is disgusting but quite beautiful.

ILK is gathering a whole head of steam for its second issue– and submissions for that are open until January 15th, so if you haven’t please send us some poems!

I really hope to be back at some point soon without such abrupt things to say. I resolve to do that!

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  1. January 6, 2012 4:44 am

    Happy new year, Caroline. Can’t wait for the next issue of Ilk, as I really enjoyed the first. It sounds like you’re really moving lately with your writing. Progress! Not much for prayer, of course, but I’ll hope for the best with your MFA applications. I can’t think of a more deserving person. Good luck this year. I hope it’s as grand as the last for you!

  2. January 9, 2012 12:13 pm

    Thanks Rick! Happy 2012 to you, also. Not writing so much new stuff, to be honest, but getting a bit done. School is really getting in the way, as ever. Hope you’re doing well!

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