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ARTIFICE // ILK alliance.

December 17, 2011

How terribly rude of me to not say anything for so long and then have a lot of exciting stuff to say. Well now. I finished my first term at Oxford, in a rat-infested library and soaking in Frank O’Hara’s Collected. So for a few weeks, I am remembering some other parts of who I am. I got some MFA apps done.

What else is new? ARTIFICE 4 is out. My poem machine is in it. As are some awesome writers.

ILK issue one finally got birthed into the world and I am prouder of it than I can say. All the contributors are mind-blowingly talented. Submissions for ISSUE TWO are open, and will be until January 15th.

Which brings me to the best bit of news: Artifice and ILK are forming a transatlantic alliance of generally being awesome– this new and ‘special’ friendship will be ratified, consolidated and most of all, drunk too, at a joint reading in London on January 3rd. Here is a link to the Facebook event.  It’s in the Monarch in Camden and I would love to see you there, please.

Don’t tell anyone, but I am also really quite excited to see Tadd Adcox again. He’s kind of a big deal.

Long story short: I am sorry for, once again, being shitty and silent. But there is goodness here.



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