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oh hello poem: Ben Kopel’s Confessional Poem for Mark Leidner to Read

September 19, 2011
by Caroline Crew

I hurt an awful lot today. I have MFA updates (largely boring, frustrated ones) to make soon, but read this poem instead. I believe. I believe Mark Leidner should read it.

Confessional Poem for Mark Leidner to Read — Ben Kopel                       [via H_NGM_N]

Sometimes in summer
a riot is born

& once again
we are skins versus skins.

Our truth is marching off
into the ocean

or a small room
with no windows.

I believe—

in every dream home
a blank stare.

A star is confused
for something still living

& I live to forget this.
These days I remember

you are so much like me.
I am quite nice.

Staircase wit.
Weak stomach.

Wires for temples
& photos with engines.

I have the best of intentions.
I believe in torture

& I will.

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