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so this whole BlazeVOX thing, huh?

September 8, 2011
by Caroline Crew

Chances are that if you’re reading this you may have already heard about the BlazeVOX co-op submissions ‘scandal’ (for want of a better term). If you haven’t, start at The Bark, where poet Brett Ortler first made public his concerns, see Geoffrey Gatza’s response over at the BlazeVOX blog and the coverage at Harriet.

As for me, I don’t want to add to the argument– many good points on all sides have already been made.

Still, I wrote a piece for We Who Are About To Die called “The value of writing: BlazeVOX, surfeits, aesthetics and capitalism.” that puts into words some of the larger issues that I think this whole thing has brought out into the open. There have already been some excellent comments, so give it a read if you’re interested.

In other news (and slightly more positive, at least for me), VINYL POETRY have accepted two poems of mine for Vinyl 4. Thanks Phillip and Katherine! I am more than excited.

NB. These two poems include volcanoes, sucking earlobes, blue graveyards, platonic baths and tasteful nudity.

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