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Things to prepare for

August 22, 2011
by Caroline Crew

To be in a slow flux can be frustrating.
But, dear readers, if you are there, the changes being made might make it here too.

So let’s be honest.

Things round here are going to get different. First of all, I’m starting to apply for 2012 MFA programmes, so you might be hearing about that. It looks daunting as hell when you see the statistics… and the application fees.

Second, I am going back to school soon here and despite the parameters of the course, I am basically doing a degree in Modernism. So if I bitch about that, please just let me? I’ll probably need it.

So something I just read is this: Timothy Donelly’s 6 Favourite Contemporary Poets. Donnelly is one of my own favourites, and, to some extent someone I feel my own poems echo. So I do sort of stalk him. Sadly, I only have the pleasure of knowing one poet on this list (Matthew Zapruder), but I am stoked to get to know the others, before I drown in Modernism and/ or GREs.

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  1. August 22, 2011 10:49 pm

    Modernism, modernism, that tricky tricky beast. Feel free to talk about that. It’s somewhat of an interest of mine, though it’s such a…thing. Complicated is an understatement.

    As for Donnelly, I like to stalk him, too, especially after I read last December’s Coldfront pieces on him. I’m pretty sure you’ve read these, but just in case you or anyone else reading this hasn’t yet:

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