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on the quiet

August 20, 2011
by Caroline Crew


Sorry for being quite so dormant lately.

I have excellent excuses.

First of all, I moved home from America and am about to move to Oxford ( although maybe), so everything I own is constantly being shuffled in suitcases.

That’s kind of the best excuse. Most of the other excuses are related to this:
I’m pretty traumatized from leaving, my brain is dead from having feelings, etc etc.

Also, I am now contributing to the awesome We Who Are About to Die, so some of the small energies are going there.

I did receive my contributors copy of Anon 8, in which my essay ‘Erotic Revisions’ appears. It’s pretty great, the articles especially. The cover is actually a POEM in Arabic calligraphy. They are pretty awe-inspiring.

Also, you can now pre-order Artifice 4. This will be the final Artifice magazine because Tadd has a large brain and large ideas and is going to do BOOKS now because they are bigger and he has good taste.

But you can pre-order Artifice 4 / final, and in that you will receive a poem machine, devised by myself, for your endless pleasure.

So, sorry for being quiet, but we’ll talk again soon, promise, just need to get my head together first.

OH and PS. ILK is making the final decisions for it’s first issue. Thanks to everyone who submitted and stayed tuned for pineapple poems, footnote poems, anti-ghazals, collaborations, genital orchestras and so much more.

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