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of all the jewels recently discovered: Amy Herschleb

July 4, 2011

This is just to say that very recently (Thursday) I went to a poetry reading in Atlanta. Nothing hugely unusual about that. What was unusual was how much I loved the poems written and read by Amy Herschleb.

I felt as if this was someone who also understood my obsession with colour as totem.

She is quite hard to stalk in the internet but nice in real life, and fortuneately we can all read one of her poems on STRANGER THAN. Dear Amy Hershleb, please publish more poems.

Dear everyone else, enjoy this poem Amy Herschelb made:

10/Random Rules

–by Amy Herschleb

skin-colored box cutter cuts/remember where the razor went
I keep making impossible futures/like having one isn’t enough
before I go any further down this trail/I want your word and honor/I’ll never go back on the shelf/you’ll pull my card
who first said/my heart is catalogued
I keep forgetting/that I mean/I know
the same stale/staid excuse
I keep forgetting/that I mean to give up
how long were we mistaken
little finger grasp the garlic string/tooth root or tree/it’s a sign your body makes to me/
the road goes down past your place forever//I took the wrong fork//
I’m sorry//in that meaning way/in both ways//you stopped my tracks/the cracks show/the sad shows
once or twice again/that story
I don’t remember what I gave you
it’s now or next week
if I eat once a day/if I swallow your deal

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